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We offer a range of products and services for the ameteur telescope enthusiast such as grinding powders, polishing powders /compounds, telescope aluminising services. We offer a Telescope mirror re coating service for both Primary and Secondary telescope mirrors.

Mirror Grinding Primary - mill machine

Mirror Grinding Primary. Fine grinding A flatness in the range of 1 m can be reached by grinding three glass blanks alternatingly against each other blank 1 on 2 2 on 3 3 on 1 and so on This will be continued with each Carbo grade After fine grinding one of the blanks is picked as the future flat mirror

Joy of Mirror Making: Fine Grinding - BBAstroDesigns

For large thin mirrors, say 12 inches [30cm] or greater and 1.5 inches [4cm] or thinner, the mirror back must be ground flat, or at least regular in shape before beginning fine grinding the mirror's face. Cast a tool specifically for the mirror's back, and grind with 220

Stellafane ATM: Rough Grinding

This page describes the rough grinding process. Before You Start. Use this checklist to make sure you are ready to start rough grinding: You have selected a mirror diameter and focal ratio, and have use these to calculate a target sagitta.; You have a way to measure sagitta.; You have an appropriate size mirror blank, you have selected a surface to grind, and you have beveled the edge.

Newport Glass Works, LTD. Grinding, Polishing and

Start grinding by concentrating the center of the mirror on the edge of the tool. Use a long "W" stroke, occasionally stroking the center of the mirror out to 2" to 3" from the edge of the tool, progressing around the circumference of the tool rotating the mirror.

Telescope Mirrors - Orion Optics

Primary Mirror Dimensions. Primary Mirror type. Focal length nominal mm. Edge thickness mm * Diameter mm. Weight g. Ultrascope 150 f4. 600. 18. 151. 745. 150 f5. 750

Dick Parker's Telescope Mirror Workshop: Cassegrain

Grinding the secondary is just like grinding any other optic except in minature. I ground the secondary with the mirror on a workstand and worked the tool on top just like I would grind a larger mirror. This optic is small enough that a lens grinding machine could work well. I made the primary mirror cell out of ¾ plywood. The cell has

Telescope Mirror Blanks / TelescopeMirrorBlanks.Com

Telescope Mirror Blanks Providing telescope mirror blanks and kits to telescope makers. Mirror blanks are individually tested for internal strain. Plastic protractor inserted under a 6 inch mirror blank during a stress test, to illustrate what stress would look like - if there were any present.

Telescope Mirrors, Blanks, Secondaries, Grinding Materials

The primary mirror is a full parabola and the secondary is a hyperbola. Custom per kilo $40AUD Tin oxide grinding powder per kilo $30AUD Pumice grinding powder per kilo $30AUD 80 Grade grinding powder per 8" mirror $2AUD 120 " " $2AUD 220 " " $3AUD 320 " " $4AUD 500 " " $6AUD 1000 " " $8AUD 1600 " " $8AUD Cerium Oxide " $8AUD Lap resin kit

Obsession Telescopes / Optics

Primary mirror coatings are 96% enhanced aluminum which are more durable and more reflective than standard 88% aluminum. Coatings are placed under planetary rotation providing excellent coating uniformity. A state of the art electron beam gun is used to provide excellent control of material evaporation rates and layer thickness.

Recommended sources of telescope mirrors - DIY

17/07/2011· Some time in the future I hope to build my own Newtonian telescope (OTA) but draw the line at grinding my own parabolic mirror (though who knows what I might do eventually). Therefore, I would like recommendations for suppliers of finished mirrors, please.

Any of your enquiry will be highly appreciated.

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